8th GreeceJS Meetup, Wednesday April 8, 2015

It’s a pleasure to announce the 8th GreeceJS Meetup, that will be taking place on Wed April 8, 2015.

iStock_000014591296Large + 8th GreeceJS Meetup


18:00 – 18:45
Networking, pizza and beer.

18:45 – 19:00
Introduction to Naomi.js ORM
Dimitris Michalakos
Technology Manager @ VisionMobile

19:10 – 19:55
Introduction to Backbone.js
Angelos Chaidas
Senior Frontend Developer @ Adzuna

How to develop a Backbone.js plugin
Dimitris Tsironis
Front-end Engineer @ Splunk

20:05 – 20:15
A message from our sponsor

20:20 – 20:50
Tools and technologies behind Skroutz.gr
Dimitrios Zorbas
Software Engineer @ skroutz.gr


InnovAthens (Pireos 100, Athens, 118 54)




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Dio Synodinos is President at C4Media. Previous roles in C4Media included Head of R&D, Head of QCon IT, Product Manager and InfoQ Queue Lead Editor. His passion is people development and coaching diverse teams that deliver extraordinary results. He has been following innovation in software development, the last 20 years, as a member of specification committees, author of technical books, author of academic publications, speaker at technical events, engineering team manager, and contributor to open source projects. C4Media is dedicated to helping progressive dev teams adopt new technology & practices, with early adopters social proof, through https://www.infoq.com and https://qconferences.com.

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