7th GreeceJS meetup: Wednesday, June 4 2014, 19:00 at Hackerspace.gr

It definitely took us a while, but the 7th GreeceJS meetup is here! Let’s get together for some fun presentations on frontend development and good old networking before we hit the beaches.


Modular JS development and uRequire (slides)
by Agelos Pikoulas, uRequire

The richness of modular development and how to reach the «write modular JavaScript code once, run everywhere» dream. Presenting AMD, CommonJS and uRequire that unifies them, from the author of uRequire.

What’s up with the Firefox Developer Tools
by Panagiotis Astithas, Mozilla

Did you know that you can debug JS, HTML and CSS using Firefox? Probably. But what about WebGL and Web Audio? What about mobile apps? Let one of the Firefox Developer Tools team members show you what is there and what is coming up next.


hackerspace.gr – https://www.hackerspace.gr/
Ampatiellou 11 Athens – Map: https://www.hackerspace.gr/wiki/Getting_Here_en


2 thoughts on “7th GreeceJS meetup: Wednesday, June 4 2014, 19:00 at Hackerspace.gr

  1. George J. Capnias Ιουνίου 1, 2014 στο 11:34 πμ Reply

    Δεν θα ήταν καλή ιδέα, να σηκωνόταν το event και στο Facebook;

  2. pastith Ιουνίου 2, 2014 στο 12:32 μμ Reply



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