GreeceJS Virtual Meetup #8

Tuesday 14th of December 2021 – 7:00 PM EET

Hola good people 🖖,

Our last meetup for 2021 will feature a real-world story on Microfrontends and an amazing web-security talk by Panos Papadopoulos from Telefonica, one of the largest network providers in the world.

As always, we’ll bring you the coolest, nerdiest tech news and an Xmas-edition prize draw… we’ll be giving away 1x Occulus Quest 2!

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Event agenda

19:10 – 19:20
Tech news

19:20 – 20:00
“MicroFrontends: stories from the trenches” by Antonis Panos, Blueground (GR)

It’s hard to stay relevant in the fast evolving front-end ecosystem, while at the same time you deal with spaghetti code, obsolete libraries/frameworks, outgrown apps and other things from the early startup stages of your company. This talk will demonstrate how we, at Blueground, managed to create a solid ground for current and future tech adoption, improved performance, easier delivery, more ownership and ultimately better DX for our teams.

About the speaker:

Antonis lives in Athens and is a senior software engineer at Blueground and also a mentor for the SHA academy. He works on front-end, back-end and generally loves to meddle with the whole stack. His love for coding is only surpassed by his love for junkfood. He is an email-templates-development survivor and he would love to meet your cat.

20:00 – 20:10
A word from our sponsor – Epignosis (GR)

20:10 – 20:50
“WRIT, a security framework that protects you application from malicious browsers extensions” by Panos Papadopoulos, Telefonica Research

The powerful capabilities of modern browsers have pushed the web application logic to the user side, thus minimizing latency, increasing scalability of the service and providing satisfactory user experience and usability. What is more, browsers provide a rich toolchest for browser extensions to provide additional functionality, but at the same time enable them to become a powerful vehicle for malicious actors. Such actors may spy, phish or fraud, thus making the user’s browser untrusted for the web servers.

In this paper, we present WRIT, a practical framework that enables websites to generate a protected environment on the user’s browser to execute code and/or store sensitive data securely even if there are malicious extensions installed. In WRIT the integrity of outgoing web requests is attested and verified to ensure they were triggered after a user’s action and not automatically generated by a malicious browser extension. WRIT is immediately applicable by leveraging existing HTML5 and other native browser features and does not require any modification of the browser. Performance results of our prototype show that it adds a negligible 7.29 ms latency to the sensitive user-triggered actions (e.g., post message).

About the speaker:

Panos works as a Security Researcher at Telefonica Research. His interests lie in the area of Network Security and Privacy, Fraud Detection, Trustless Distributed Systems and Ad Fraud. He currently lives in London and has published numerous scientific articles.

Prize Draw (Occulus Quest 2)